Raspberry seeds oil, Available in: 10 ml glass bottle

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Raspberry seed oil contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin A and E, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The oil has a positive effect on sensitive skin, prone to acne. Raspberry oil does not clog pores, and is absorbed very quickly leaving the skin smooth and soft. It helps relieve itching and irritated skin. Protects from the common signs of aging, effectively hydrates, softens and improves elasticity. Visibly reduces wrinkles and tightens sagging skin.
Raspberry oil protects from the sun harm. It has a natural protective SPF factor ranging from 28 and 50 against UVB rays and between 6 and 8 against UVA rays. It is a superb anti-oxidant that can reduce the damaging effects of free radicals.
Raspberry Seed Oil is a very dry, thin oil that is deeply nourishing and conditioning for the skin. It also has superb anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Raspberry seed oil strengthens, moisturizes and gives shiny hair, improving elasticity, flexibility and softness.

It can be useful for rashes, eczema and other skin lesions because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


Skin: 5-6 drops of raspberry seed oil is applied on clean skin with massage movements. Hydrates, regenerates and removes wrinkles. Protects the skin from the sun.

Massage: Using the oil in its pure form for facial and body nourishment, rejuvenates and smooths the skin. For a greater effect, can be added 1 to 3% essential oils.

Hand care: apply with massage movements on to rough and chapped skin.

Lip care: for cracked and dry lips apply the oil directly.

Hair and Scalp: Apply on clean hair and rub into the roots and scalp throughout the length of the hair. Cover your hair with a towel. The oil can be allowed to stay for 1-2 hours, then wash it with shampoo.

Storage: Keep it in a dark and cool place at 7 - 25 ° C

Not be taken internally!


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