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Organic Beauty Gift Set "Relax", 3 items plus a gift box

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This is a perfect gift set for that special someone or yourself that includes Organic Lavender Water 250 ml, Aroma therapeutic Body&Hand&Feet Bulgarian Lavender Balm and Lavender Moisturizing Lip Balm.


Our Organic Bulgarian Lavender Water is a 100% pure and natural product.

The lavender water is produced via steam-distillation of fresh lavender blossoms, picked during the annual Lavender Harvest in lavender fields in the world-famous Bulgarian Valley.

•USDA Certified Organic by Ceres GmbH
•Steam-distilled from fresh Organic Bulgarian Lavender (Lavandula Vera)
•Cleansing, energising and toning
•Natural analgesic and calming
•100% Natural, 99% Certified Organic, 100% Vegan, Paraben-free, GMO-free

Product Description

We at Aromatherapy Today are proud to present one of world's most fragrant and precious plants, the Bulgarian Lavender. Bottled in the heart of the Thracian Kings Valley near Kazanlak in Bulgaria, famous for the highest quality oil-yielding plants grown there, Alteya's USDA Certified Bulgarian Lavender Water is 100% pure and natural. Using century-old traditions, it is steam-distilled specifically for therapeutic use from fresh organic Lavender blossoms, hand-picked in our lavender plantations.

The beautiful fragrance, special qualities and spiritual power of our lavender water are well known all over the world.


  • Therapeutic, cleansing, and detoxifying
  • Anti-inflammatory and acne-preventing
  • Anti-ageing and moisturising
  • Calming, relaxing, and harmonizing
  • Natural analgesic and antidepressant
  • Food and beverage flavour enhancer

Usage: Skincare, Hair care, Aromatherapy, Cooking, Household, Pet-care, Steam Ironing.

Our Bulgarian Lavender Water is pure, undiluted, food-grade product. The lavender water does not contain any preservatives, additives, or synthetic ingredients. Many manufacturers label their products containing lavender essence but it could be synthetic. Synthetic lavender ingredients have no therapeutic value at all. Therefore, it is important to look for lavender water that contains only pure genuine natural lavender oil such as ours.

Our lavender water is a 100% pure and natural product.




USDA Certified Organic Pure Natural Treatment Cream for Body, Hands and Feet based on Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil 


Awaken the natural beauty of your skin!

The Organic Lavender Aromatherapeutic Body Butter is a unique natural blend of ultra nourishing organic butters and essential oils that help your skin look its best.

  • USDA Certified Organic (Bio) Skin Care
  • Based on Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil
  • Made in the heart of Bulgaria's Valley of Roses
  • Pure Natural Universal Skin Care And Treatment
  • Improves skin texture and moisture balance - for all skin types
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety

This rich botanical blend works from head to toe, improving skin texture and restoring its moisture balance. It protects skin from flaking, chapping and irritation and slows down the premature aging process. The specially formulated body butter provides gentle, intense moisture, restores softness and shine and improves the cell renewal process. It increases hydration and skin elasticity by forming an invisible veil protecting your skin from free radical damage. This natural remedy, rich in vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids, will swipe away dullness and dryness, delicately smoothing rough areas, to reveal luscious skin that you will love. As it instantly beautifies your skin, the aromatherapeutic effects of our Restoring & Relaxing body butter also help relieve stress and fatigue - the sensuous, calming lavender aroma eases tension, induces relaxation and increases sensuality.


  • Restoring and Relaxing
  • Improves skin texture and moisture balance
  • Provides deep hydration
  • Restores skin's natural shine and youthfulness
  • Slows down the skin ageing process
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety
  • Increases sensuality, the sensuous, calming lavender aroma eases
  • help relieve stress and fatigue


Multi-Purpose balm for hands, feet, elbows, lips, dry skin, cuticles, bruises, cuts and scrapes. Helps restore and maintain skin healthy and in optimal condition.

Massage over clean, damp skin after bath or shower. Reapply on dry, rough skin as needed. Daily use recommended.

Product description:

Ultra-soothing USDA Organic Aromatherapy Lavender Balm helps nourish, soothe and renew dry and chapped skin.
This emollient and rich balm has natural anti-inflammatory properties and divine calming fragrance.
It contains a blend of premium essential oils to rewind and relax, create tranquillity and harmony.
No chemicals, preservatives, colorants.

97.5% Certified Organic Skin treatment

The Organic Lavender Moisturizing Lip Balm intensely hydrates and provides reliable protection for sensitive lips from the harsh environment. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes delicate skin to reveal soft, beautiful, more youthful-looking lips. This special organic formula locks in moisture and increases lip elasticity and suppleness. Continuous use provides age fighting and repair benefits, while reducing the damaging effects of snow, sun and wind. This rich botanical mix provides the needed relief to cracked, dry lips. Organic Lavender Lip Balm is a natural remedy, rich in vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids that will moisturize and soothe, swiping away dullness and dryness to reveal soft, healthy lips.

Apply as often as needed to quench and replenish your lips. For optimal healing results, apply regularly as a night treatment.

See under individual products for more information.


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