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Bulgarian Natural Lavender Water, Available in: 100 ml

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100ml - £4.25
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The beautiful fragrance, special qualities and spiritual power of our Bulgarian Lavender water are well known all over the world.

Content: 100% natural product obtained by Lavandula Vera.

Ingredients: Natural Bulgarian Lavender water obtained by steam distillation of the Lavandula Vera blossoms.

Properties: Therapeutic, cleansing and detoxifying; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and acne-preventing; antiallergic, anti-aging and moisturizing; calming, relaxing and harmonizing, balancing and anti-septic. Natural analgesic and antidepressant. Soothes redness, sunburn, soothes itching and irritation. Food and beverage flavour enhancer.
It is mainly used for cleaning and moisturizing all skin types, for young skin prone to acne, for relaxation, anti-stress effect and aromatherapy, for skin irritations and freshing air and clothes, as insect repellent.

Skincare/ Hair care
Cleansing, energizing, and toning for all skin types - a perfect finish for your daily cleansing routine, the traditional use of Lavender at night makes it perfect for bedtime use, apply on the skin and let it work its magic overnight.
Use this aromatic water to soften and hydrate your skin and hair and indulge in the magnetizing lavender aroma. As an after-shampoo, lice away and strengthens the tone hair.
This lovely floral water is a wonderful addition to creams and lotions for all skin types, a gentle toner or cleanser; and a great mister to ease sunburn or windburn.

Use: Apply with light massage movements on the face and body.
Mouthwash to fight against the canker sores.

The rejuvenating fragrance uplifts the spirits and harmonizes the mind. It can be used to increase concentration and improve inner balance. The scent of Lavender is known for its relaxing properties for children and adults. Place some lavender water in a spray bottle and splits a room to create calm. Use as a bathtub supplement for stress-relief or spray your room, bed sheets, and clothing.

Natural flavour-enhancer for foods and beverages. Add it to your exotic deserts, beverages and cocktails. Great for flavouring ice creams and teas.

Lavender Water can be used as an all-purpose, non-toxic, Earth-friendly household cleaner. Suitable for almost all cleaning needs.

Known to help against skin irritations. Use as an environmental fragrance in pet areas and beddings.

Steam Ironing
Add 50 ml Lavender Water to the regular water in a steam iron to make your linen and clothes smell heavenly.

In addition, lavender water protects clothes form moths and is known to repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects.


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