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Lavender water, Available in: 100 ml spray

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Natural lavender water, 100ml spray.

Lavender water is a 100% natural product obtained by steam distillation of Lavandula vera and contains a small amount of essential oil.

It is used for cleansing and moisturizing all skin types, for youthful acne-prone skin, for relaxation and aromatherapy.


For cleansing and moisturizing all skin types, for youthful acne-prone skin, for relaxation and aromatherapy.

For skin irritations and insect bites, it relieves itching and reduces redness.

It has a good effect to fragrance and refresh the body and hair, for healthy and shiny hair.

In aromatherapy, it rejuvenates the spirit and harmonizes the mind, increases concentration and improves inner balance.

It is used as an additive in the bath for stress relief.

Spray your room, linens and clothes to scent and freshen.

In the kitchen, it is used as a natural flavouring agent for sweets and drinks, enhancing their taste and aroma. Add to your exotic desserts, drinks and cocktails. Pairs well with the flavor of coconut or chocolate.

Great for extra flavor in ice creams and iced teas.

You can add 5ml of lavender water to the water in your iron to give your linen and clothes a divine scent.

In addition, lavender water protects clothes from moths, repels mosquitoes


To cleanse your face of makeup or other impurities, you need to wet a facial cleansing pad with lavender water and wipe the areas where you have been made up or the whole face with the necessary movements. This cleansing can be done at least once a day or several times a day for problem skin or acne-prone skin.
To use lavender water as a repellent, you need to spray a small amount on your clothes and on the exposed areas of the arms, legs, neck or spray lavender water in the wardrobe against moths.

To use lavender water as an antidepressant, you can spray the room you are in with lavender water or on the pillowcase for restless sleep.

To use lavender water in food and drink preparation , then you should know that lavender water is very aromatic and using it in making sweets or adding a small amount to tea tastes magical - as long as you don't overdo or overdose.


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