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“Tonic-Calming-Anti-viral” Organic Essential oils Gift Set, 5 items with a gift bag

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This Luxury Organic Essential Oil Gift Pack comes with 5 of our most popular USDA Certified Organic Essential oils. The Gift Set includes uplifting, tonic, anti-inflammatory and calming oils that stimulate a sense of deep peace and emotional well-being and release of tension and stress. Restores balance and harmony to mind and body. Aromas leave you feeling relaxed and freshness.

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  • 100% USDA Certified Organic by Ceres GmbH.
  • Organic therapeutic massage oils ready to use.
  • Suitable for professional Aromatherapy and personal use.
  • It may also be used daily as a room fragrance, bath oil or body deodorant.
  • Perfect gift for Christmas or as a nice treat to yourself.

Your Luxury Aromatherapy Essential Oil Pack contains:

1 ml Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose oil (Rose Otto)

10 ml Alteya Organics Lavender oil

10 ml Alteya Organics Hyssop oil

10 ml Organic Pine oil

10 ml Organic Mountain Pine (Pino Mugo) oil

Rose oil - From the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley!

Rose oil is one of the best all-purpose oils to have. It not only fights depression, grief, anger and fear, but looks after your heart and digestive system, well being the most wonderful remedy for female problems and one of the best oils to use on the skin.

Bulgarian Rose Otto is known for its aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and astringent properties. The rose oil creates a feeling of calm and well-being. It is also an antiviral, sedative, tonic and an appetite regulator. Rose oil is often used to treat skin problems, asthma, cough, depression, headache and insomnia.

Our Organic Rose Oil is also considered very safe for topical use.

Rose oil is 100% pure natural steam-distilled from fresh Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Blossom. Therapeutic-grade. Internationally acclaimed.

Used in Aromatherapy, Medicine, Perfumery, Skin Care, Cosmetics, and Flavour industries.

Its rich molecular composition makes it one of the most beneficial essential oils for skin care.

Anti-inflammatory, tonic and astringent effect on broken capillaries and thread veins. As a blended massage rose oil can help for general skin toning, antifungal, antimicrobial effect.

The rose is a symbol of love and beauty and Rose oil is one of the most valuable therapeutic perfumes. Rose Oil is heart (middle) note essential oil and brings out the best in other notes.

Being one of the most expensive and rare oils, the Rose oil is famous for its aphrodisiac and uplifting properties too.

It can be used sparingly to great effect so it worth the investment!

Every home should have a bottle of Lavender essential oil as it is very versatile, inexpensive and useful of all the essential oils. It relaxes, soothes and restores balance to mind and body. It stimulates the immune system and contributes to the healing process.

Hyssop is considered one of the strongest anti-viral essential oils. Hyssop oil is a powerful anti-viral oil and helps to relieve respiratory problems, digestive disorders, genito-urinary conditions and skin conditions like bruises, eczema, inflammation and dermatitis.

Mountain Pine oil is very useful to relieve mental, physical and sexual fatigue, while having a cleansing and clearing effect on a room. Mountain pine is used for its expectorant, disinfectant and antibacterial effect.

Pine oil may help with respiratory infections, muscular pain, colds, sinusitis, coughs, nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue, sore throats, arthritis and rheumatism. It increases blood circulation and metabolism, enhancing immunity of the respiratory system. It has an antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and hydrating effect. Pine oil is natural antioxidant too. Used as a fragrance component in soaps, detergents, cosmetics, toiletries (especially bath products) and to a limited extent, perfumes.

All 5 oils come in amber glass bottles and are presented in a luxury gift bad.

The pack comes complete with safety and usage information.

Precautions: Not recommended for people with individual intolerance to essential oils above.

Attention! Highly concentrated! Store tightly sealed in a place without direct sunlight and out of reach from children!


See under individual products for more information.


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