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Soap "Holy Lake, Available in: 120 g

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With curative mud and water from the Pomorie lagoon-lake,also known as the „Holy lake“ of the anciant greek colony Apolonia. The curative properties of the water and mud of the lake have been known since ancient times. The thracians, greeks and romans applied here the ancient egyptian method of mud treatment in the open.
The „Holy lake“ soap has a triple effect provided by:
the sea water of the lake - extremely rich in minerals, microelements and plankton - with an antiseptic effect, it hastens the process of epitalization, improves blood stream, and accelerates injury treatment.
the curative firth mud, peloid ( from the greek pelos-mud). The mud is put into the soap on its natural form. It decreases skin‘s PH level to neutral, stimulates regenerative processes, improves metabolism, acts as an antiseptic and hypo-allergenic agent. Its rich sulphur and microelement content replenishes skin in case of dermal diseases.
Rapa- thermal (spring) water and lake lye with lake plankton - it is put into the soap in its natural form. It is rich in minerals  and microelements and has a strong regenerating, hypoallergenic and antiseptic effect.
The soap is suitable as a means of everyday hygiene. It has a neutral PH factor- maximum close to human skin‘s one.

Due to the proven curative properties of the lye mud, the soap is suited for use for all types of skin, with an excellent effect on sensitive, easily irritated and problematic skin.



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