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Bulgarian Rose water, Available in: 100 ml spray

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Natural rose water spray 100 ml.

Rose water is a 100% pure natural product obtained by distillation from the fresh flowers of Rosa Damascena.

Due to the content of a certain amount of rose oil (about 0. 05%) dissolved in it, it acts disinfectant and antibacterial and is used for:

Disinfection for skin irritations, redness, insect bites.

Cleanses, tones and gives a youthful appearance to all skin types by preserving the natural hydro-balance in the epidermis. Regular use of rose water in the form of toner and facial cleanser regulates sebum production and soothes and regenerates irritated skin.

It has antibacterial action. It is applied externally for inflammatory processes, acne, skin redness, eczema and itching of the skin. Suitable for baby skin.
Soothes the skin in sunburn and other burns, insect bites, itching on the skin.

At home, it can be added to creams, shampoos, body lotions and other cosmetics.

Strengthens, strengthens and refreshes the hair, making it look nourished and shiny

In aromatherapy, its relaxing and soothing effect is used by placing it in an aroma lamp, in the bath or spraying it in the room. The fresh fragrance invigorates the spirit and harmonizes the mind. It has a refreshing and restorative effect, bringing a sense of romance.

In the kitchen, to flavour pastries and drinks, to tone the mind and body and add an exotic twist.

Use: For direct use, apply with a cotton pad using light massage movements or spray directly onto the skin or hair.


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