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Look after yourself.

For sensitive skin.

Help her look as younger as she feels with our New Gift Set "Queen Rose Luxe" with Rose essential oil and Rose concrete. The Gift Set include our Aromatherapeutic Night Essence "Queen Rose" Cream 30 ml, Aromatherapeutic Body Lotion "Queen Rose 200 ml and Aromatherapeutic Shower- Gel "Queen Rose", 200 ml.

Aromatherapeutic Night Essence "Queen Rose" Cream, 30 ml

It combines the anti-inflammatory properties of the rose essential oil and rose concrete with its valuable biologically active substances that have a prefect effect on skin night treatment and maintenance. Vitamins A and E regenerate damaged areas and normalize skin's functions. The extracts of licorice, marshmallow and yarrow milfoil relieve skin and exercise their moisturizing and healing effects. The almond and grape seed oils penetrate quickly and deeply, thus softening and nourishing skin.

The cream does not contain any perfume compositions or synthetic dying agents.

Apply to face in the evening onto thoroughly cleansed skin.

For sensitive skin - with rose essential oil and rose concrete.

Aromatherapeutic Body Lotion "Queen Rose 200

A balanced formula that regulates the functions of the sensitive body skin. This lotion stimulates skin's regeneration by smoothing and revitalizing it.

It creates a feeling of silky softness thanks to the anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties of the rose essential oil and rose concrete in combination with the moisturizing properties of the extract from marshmallow. The licorice extract relieves allergenic reactions when such have appeared, regulates water and salt metabolism and improves skin's breathing.

Application: Apply to the whole body, in the morning and in the evening, with gentle massaging movements.

Aromatherapeutic Shower - Gel "Queen Rose", 200 ml

This shower gel has a soft formula for delicate creamy foam that gently bathes your skin in fresh rose fragrance. The tonifying and stimulating properties of the basil extract are combined with the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of rose and licorice. The complex of vitamins that are most important for skin - A, E, F and Н, and along with Provitamin В5, assists skin's functions by actively nourishing it and enhancing its elasticity. Using this shower gel will make your skin soft and smooth and will ensure its hydration.

Application: Apply the shower gel to your wet body with gentle massage-like movements and then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

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