Gift Set "Pretty Roses"2 , 2 items with a gift bag

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A touch of luxe to your home! Set of 2 beautiful scented Rose petals sachets, each 20 g.

The Rose Damascena  tones and strengthens the body.

The dried rose petals from Rosa Damascena have many of uses.

The dried rose petals from Rosa Damascena are popular steeped in hot water to make a delicious refreshing tea, which has a soothing and antiseptic effect.

Inhalation of rose bud&petals refreshing face skin. Dry rose petals soothing and strengthens the nervous system.

Dust from rose petals is used as a mask and as acleaning rose bran. Stimulate the process of natural regeneration of the skin, gently removes dead cells from the skin. The mask is suitable for all skin types.

Rose petals can also be used in the preparation of various dishes, as a way to add unique flavour to a meal. You can decorate your favourite dessert plate with rose petals and start celebrate.

Scattered romantically over a bed or table with arrangement of rose scented candle they will add romance to any evening.

Uses: in the perfume industry, skin care products, tonics.

Dried Rosa Damascena petals improve the body condition in: treatment of asthma, bronchitis, cough and cold.

Dried Rosa Damascena petals  has ability to improve sleep, eliminate stress, treatment of urinary tract infections, strengthening of the cardiovascular system.

Great for refreshing around the rooms.

Usage: inhalation, baths, tea and flavour spaces.

Action: tonic and relaxing.




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