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Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum), Available in: 10 ml glass bottle

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10 ml - £5.25

Heating oil, increasing blood circulation, cold hands and feet, purifies the body of toxins, stimulates appetite, restores the tone of the body, headaches, migraines, dizziness, weakness, and relieves muscle pain, stiffness, arthritis, rheumatism, sprains and strains. Helps also with menopausal disorders, PMS, vaginal discharge. Strengthens the hair also removing hair loss. Erotic stimulant.
The Black pepper we use on our food isn’t quite the same as the essential oil, however, the oil does have the same spicy quality and can therefore be a skin irritant.

More information:
Botanical Name: Piper nigrum.
Common Name: Black Pepper.
Family Name: Piperaceae.
Parts used: the dried berries.
Aroma: warm, sharp, spicy chili.
Colour: Clear.
Country of origin: India, Greece.
Method of Extraction: Steam distillation.
Chemical Type: a&b pinene (Monoterpene), a&b phellandrene, camphene, limonene and thujene, limonene, myrcene, linalool, cineole and other.

Properties: antispasmodic, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic, euphoric, energizing, cleansing, diuretic, enhancing appetite, antitussive, anti-cellulite, stomachic, rubefacient, warming, and tonic.

Which systems/conditions benefit from its use?
Skin: rejuvenates the skin, acne, dermatitis, herpes, anti-cellulite.
Muscular: tonic for aches and pains; can improve performance if used before sporting activities.
Respiratory: It helps with chest infections, cough, cold, catarrh,.
Nervous: stimulates and thus strengthens the nerves and mind..
Digestive: stimulates digestion and appetite, relieves bowel problems and constipation by aiding peristalsis..
Circulatory/Lymphatic: warming thus stimulates circulation and lymphatic system.
Impact on the mind and spirit: strengthens memory and stimulates mental activity, enhances concentration, helps to change lives as filled with positive thoughts and desires. Ignites the feelings for sexual desire.

Blends well with: Frankincense, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary and Sandalwood essential oils.

Aromatic lamp: antidepressant, aphrodisiac, euphoric, anti-microbial. – 5-6 drops of black pepper.
Aroma Pendant: tonic, against viral infections, headaches, and aphrodisiac – 1-2 drops of black pepper.
Gargle: influenza, cough, 1 cup of hot water / emulsifier on-sugar, soda, salt, honey / pepper 1-2 drops.
Bath: promote blood circulation, toning and erotic stimulator: For a full body bath up to 6 drops and 1-2 drops for a foot bath.
Massage: mental fatigue, fever, muscle pain: 25 ml base oil / almond, avocado, apricot, grape seed / max 8 drops of black pepper.
Shampoo and hair mask: strengthens your hair against hair loss - as a general rule for creams, shampoos, gels etc use 1 or 2 drops per 5ml.
Bath for feet : cold feet, increasing blood circulation – -2 drops for a foot bath.
Aroma Spray: antidepressant, antimicrobial, aphrodisiac, warming - 15 drops of black pepper in 250ml. water, shake the bottle and spray the room.
Vaporizers: Burners ; Light bulbs; Diffusers; Radiators. About 2 drops of oil is usually enough for each use.

Black pepper can be irritating and should not be used neat on the skin. It is also incompatible with homeopathic treatments. Use in low concentration.
Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance pepper.

But remember…
Black pepper warms the blood, thus relieving aches and pains in the muscles and stimulating the appetite.

Important Note:
Any reference to a disease or condition name does not indicate a treatment for this disease or condition. Essential oils are without therapeutic indications. The information provided is for educational purposes only.


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