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Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Available in: 10 ml glass bottle; 100 ml Spray bottle

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10 ml - £3.25
100ml - £10.95

Jojoba Oil is the highest grade cold pressed oil. It is a viscous, yet highly penetrative emollient that closely resembles the natural sebum within the skin. It provides excellent non-occlusive, non-greasy moisture control. It has a natural anti-inflammatory effect in skin care. Jojoba offers the qualities of both an oil and a wax to make it an ideal ingredient within soap, cream, lotion, balm and massage oil formulations. Jojoba is wonderful carrier for aromatherapy applications and is suitable for use as a perfume base.

More details:
Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis.
Plant Family: Simmondsiaceae.
Aroma: light to medium, distinct but pleasant.
Source: bean.
Colour: golden yellow.
Country of origin: Mediterranean.

Skincare/Cosmetic use: aging skin, sunburn, stretch marks, hair cleanser, absorption properties similar to our skins sebum.

Properties: Jojoba oil is useful for many conditions: Jojoba oil has fine structure and not sticky, its chemical structure is similar to the skin sebum and, so it is useful for treating both excessive sebum production (oily skin and/or acne) because it can dissolve the sebum, as well as underproduction, such as dry skin, dandruff or other dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
It is rich in Vitamin E and will not turn rancid like other oils as it has antioxidant properties. Jojoba oil contains many fatty acids including stearic, eruric, palmitic and palmitoleic acid. There is a natural SPF of 5, the Jojoba will help nourish the hair, whilst providing the scalp with a natural SPF of 5. Supports skin collagen synthesis. Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types especially oily because it is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and does not cause excessive greasiness. Leaves a pleasant feeling and keeps moisture in the skin for a long time, hydrates mature skin. It nourishes the hair, especially suitable for dry, damaged and tangled hair, giving it flexibility and shine.
Jojoba Oil is highly stable with a long shelf life and has fine-textured (smooth, not sticky or grainy). Jojoba oil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and is a good choice for use in massage and for inflamed skin. It has a nourishing properties also. Jojoba oil is good for wrinkles, sensitive skin and eczema.

Blends well with: any essential oil/carrier oil.

Perfumery: great perfume base.

Advantages: Great for mature, aging skin and wrinkles. Good for all skin types. The oil is particularly beneficial in facial and body oils as well as hair treatments. Jojoba oil is very stable and keeps well.

Disadvantages: It is expensive oil to used as a base oil and is frequently blended in a small dilution (10%) with other oils.

Massage: For oily skin, massage gently in the direction of the main facial lines 2-3 minutes on each plot.
Combing: against tangling and shine 2.3 drops on the brush or comb. The frame is brushed so 2.3 times a day.
Before and after sunbathing - a natural sun factor.
Enrichment of hair masks - 7-10 ml. oil is added to 100 ml. hair mask, is applied to nourish the hair and give it natural shine.
Hair Mask: The oil is rubbed into the hair roots and the length of hair. Place the plastic cap and towel for 2 hours. Then rinse with warm water and a suitable shampoo. For better effect makes a mask once a week.

Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to jojoba oil.

Storage: cool and dark place at a temperature of 7-25 C. At low temperatures crystallize and harden, when heating oil is back to normal.

Never tested on animals.

Important Note: Any reference to a disease or condition name does not indicate a treatment for this disease or condition. Carrier oils are without therapeutic indications. The information provided is for educational purposes only.


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