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Organic cosmetics are produced with natural products; containing no substances obtained by chemical means. Bio cosmetics provide the ingredients that your skin, hair or nails need to remain healthy and naturally beautiful. The peace of mind with organic products is that we know the ingredients "feed" the skin in an environmentally friendly way in synchronisation with our own biology.

The essence of organic is that the product is produced entirely (95% +) from natural substances found in nature, extracted and processed in an environmentally friendly way.

The details of the production are also stated on the label to certain rules such as:
Organic products are produced based on substances of natural origin. It also includes plants and minerals. Possibly ay contain raw materials of animal origin. In this group are substances such as royal jelly, or derived from milk, etc.
In the technological process of acquisition and processing of raw materials for organic cosmetic products have to comply with certain methods. For example, in organic cosmetics it is not customary to include substances obtained from the activity of microorganisms obtained by gene technology. In most cases, the product of these bacteria has gained wide popularity in recent years; hyaluronic acid, for example, a renowned for hydration and maintaining youthful skin.
The use of preservatives in organic cosmetics is also strictly controlled. Adding them is permitted, but only a limited number of compounds, without which the durability and utility of the product would be compromised.

Almost similar is the situation with emulsifiers, without which there would be a single fat emulsion. And we know that the application of this lightweight water-oil mixtures ensure the product into the skin, covering it evenly and absorption of nutrients from it. Only emulsifiers that are 100% natural are used in organic cosmetics. Obtaining such substances by chemical reactions is strictly limited.





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